Another Google product bites the dust — Google My Tracks is no more

“Google, like Hans Gruber in Die Hard, resolves to keep killing features until it finds one you do care about.” –now-deleted tweet by a semi-famous internet person, circa 2010

Like many of my other Google favorites before it — Google Reader and iGoogle, to name just two — Google My Tracks is being tossed onto The Google Graveyard. I started using this lean, elegant, no-frills app in early 2012 to track my bicycle rides, on the recommendation of esteemed geogeek Terry Stigers. This free app did everything I needed from it and nothing I did not.

Google My Tracks is deprecated
Google My Tracks is deprecated

I am not going to whine about losing a favorite toy, but as a geogeek I find the move puzzling. Why? Why now??? Is it because the app has served its purpose (feed field data into Google Maps?) and is no longer needed by Google? Even if so, did Google evaluate the cost of continuing to maintain the app versus the cost of solidifying users’ conviction that GOOGLE CANCELS EVERYTHING?

Google just pitched me its new Tasks service, complementing Google Calendar and Gmail. And I’m like, really? Who in their right mind would trust their to-do list to a provider known for cancelling everything???

UPDATE: I am now on Strava. Hit me up.